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Post by Slowerlitespeed on March 24th 2014, 11:21 pm

This tournament, for me, was all about testing the new EDenni tier list, in order to see if the tier is the real deal.  I played tier four, and it looked like this:

Siren x2
Cephalyx Overlords
Max Cephalyx Mind Slavers and Drudges x2
Max Mechanithralls
Skarlock Commander

The list did well enough, and the tier benefits are amazing.  Advance deployment on the drudges, makes them viable.  Starting with my upkeeps in play is as dumb as it sounds.  EDenni also enjoys a +1 to the start roll.  I played the list 3 of the 4 rounds and went 2-1 with it.  I am not going turn by turn, but will give a brief rundown of the games.

Game 1
I draw a PMagnus player.  I put pursuit on one of his renegades, marked for death on his unit of halberdiers, and curse of shadows on his steelhead cav.  He splits his forces to work around my feat.  I choose to feat on turn two, after making a pursuit move with Denni on his turn 1. I catch almost all of his units, and none of his battlegroup.  This allows me to destroy his objective and forces him to killbox himself in order to not be assassinated by Nightmare.  He does contest the zone on his turn through his feat.  The next turn, deathjack and nightmare go to work, clearing the zone of 'jacks and it allows me to dominate the zone.  I win 5-0.  

I end up drawing Nick S.  He plays Arkadius and I play EDenni again.  I put pursuit on his road hog and that ends up being the most important thing that happens in this game.  I take the pursuit move with deathjack on turn 1, which allows me to feat on the top of two and get a charge off on Arkadius with Deathjack.  I win by assassination.  I felt dirty after that one.  It was an absolutely horrible match up for Nick.  Sorry dude.  If this had been a Saturday in the cave, I would not have done that.

I draw Nick A.  He has PDenny and PShade.  I KNOW he has to play PDenni, and I do not have a great answer for her.  I play EDenni again, and choose to start with pursuit on the withershadow combine.  I did this knowing he would knock it off turn one, but at least I would get one move off it.  This ends up being a massive control struggle, where we simply wore each other out.  Nick had the upper hand the entire match, and he was able to get EDenni in his feat.  He hits me with a Scourge, but ends up being short on his pistol wraith shots.  I had one chance, and it was in the hands of the Nightmare.  I set up a hellmouth on one of my created mechanithralls.  I take out his siren and the last two of his raiders, which gives nightmare enough room to get to pdenni.  I change the pray to pdenni, and ghost walk the nightmare.  He is loaded with focus, but only has enough movement to get his two reach attacks off.  I am under her feat, so I need 8's to hit her and I am rolling dice plus 2 on damage.  I boost the first attack and roll 1, 2, 3.  FUUUUUUUCK!!  This turns out to be my Nightmare instead.  I boost the second attack and connect for 8 damage.  I buy one more, and fail to roll the hard 8.  I get hit with another Scourge on his turn and it is curtains for me.  This was a really competitive game, and had a final-table feel to it.  Good game Nick, you played a great game man, and deserved to win.

I play Andrew, and I cannot handle anymore EDenni, so I drop Pskarre.  He drops PMaddy, and I know I could be in big trouble here.  On the bottom of 2, he kills 70% of my army with Maddy's feat, using Maddy himself, Mulg, and the EDBT.  I am left with a Stalker and Tartarus.  I load up the Stalker, get the charge off and take Maddy down to 6 wounds.  Tartarus charges him and finishes the job.  Good game Andrew, I was a bit lucky to pull this one off.  

I finished 3-1 and took fourth.  I lost out on tie-breakers to Sean.  I felt good about the showing, and will continue to work on EDenni.  

I want to give Jorge and Scott their due cred here.  They did a fantastic job with the event!!  Thanks guys for taking the reins and putting this together.  The prizes were awesome too!!


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Post by milothewise on March 25th 2014, 10:01 am

I'll start by echoing Lou - great weekend, great event by Jorge and Scott. Super stoked that you guys took up the TO mantle for the area.

I brought pDenny with Pirates, Satyxis, and McThralls & pGoreshade with Deathjack, Nightmare, 2 Stalkers, Raiders, Bane Thralls and Tartarus. 

Round 1
I draw Jason, the newest addition to our meta who picked up Legion within the last 6 weeks and bought his way up to 50 points this week by assembling and painting stuff the night before. I drop pDenny like an asshole, jam him out of the zones and win on scenario. Afterward we talk about stuff like target priority and how scenarios work. Kudos to him for showing up ready to just learn as much as he can in a tournament setting.

Round 2
I play Jacob packing eMorvahna and Kromac. I can't risk him dropping Kromac against pDenny, so I take the Bastard. Turn one I run the DJ over an inch too far, and Ghettorix trashes it on the bottom of turn one. On my turn two, though, I feat to kill Ghettorix with three Banes (!!!), break both units of stones with my Raiders, and stay out of charge range of his two remaining heavies. Jacob makes the most of the situation, leveraging Warpath to keep things out of charge range of my jacks. I get Mage Blight up, and he runs out of ways to kill me. I win on scenario.

Round 3
This was the fight Lou describes above. Fucking epic, and really intense - we knew each other's models and tricks, and we're dancing at the edge of control areas and spell/gun ranges. When I'm short on the Pistol Wraith after counterfeating, I think I'm still in good shape, and then Lou engineers the most out-of-nowhere Nightmare run I've ever seen - killing all the thralls, the Siren, and the Raiders that would get in the way, AND destroying all the Raiders to switch Prey from them to Denny...only to miss that first boosted attack. Cripes. That'll go his way more often than not, but I got there this time. Great game, Lou.

Round 4
Here I embarrass myself against Mark playing the Harbinger. I've never played against this style Harbinger list before - Errants, Zealots, one Reckoner and the Vessel of Judgement along with the standard support package. I drop pGoreshade, who is in my bag for this matchup, and instead of making him deal with Raiders, Banes, and Stealthed heavies all at the same time, I feed my units to him piecemeal while keeping my jacks way out of the fight. Silly of me, and loses me the game, but I WAY underestimated what zealots are capable of when their Hands are Guided. Cripes. Congrats on the win! Mark, tight game as always.

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Post by pg.Vorago on March 25th 2014, 1:37 pm

No problem! Even though really tiring, enjoyed that everyone had fun. Honestly was a bit nervous about running the event. Very happy the events went down smoothly; Scott made it much easier to deal with. So kudos to him from me as well!

And again, thanks for supporting the event, everyone!


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Post by Servo on March 25th 2014, 2:25 pm

Jorge and Scott did a great job here, especially since all the rules disputes went in my favor!

I ran the following:

Full raider package
2 harrowers
2 sirens

Wraith engine
Full knights & tartarus
Full mcthalls and surgeon
Min biles
Madely, Darragh Wrathe, Withershadow, Pistol wraith, Machine wraith

Game 1 vs Andrew (pMadrak)
I lose this game because I generally disrespect Trolls and didn't bother to learn what Madrak's feat was until the turn he used it. Mulg (with carnage) munches his way through a few satyxis raiders and two warwitch sirens without spending any fury. He then says "Hello" to Mortenebra with a tree.

Game 2 vs Bryan (pMagnus)
This is a terrible matchup for Bryan. Like, really terrible. Renegade shots go off early and kill some stuff. Halberdiers clash with mechanithralls forever. Machine wraith takes one of his jacks. Banes kill the cav. The wraith engine single-handedly destroys the entire long gunner package. Terminus does nothing but fly around and laugh his way to domination, like so much Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.

Game 3 vs Tall Nick
Speaking of terrible matchups, Nick proudly drops Arkadius against Terminus and it goes about as well as you'd think for him. Highlight was a fully tricked-out warhog ripping into a crippling grasped Terminus at armor 30 and leaving him on 8 points. Terminus then ate Arkadius like so much bacon.

Game 4 vs The Man, The Myth, The Legend - Zach
Zach and I usually get paired for the first game in any tournament we're in, so it was nice to finally get to play him. He drops Strakov against Mortenebra, and I'm scheming on delivering the scavenger to him all game. I go on tilt repeatedly due to my poor decisions, Zach's prowess, and some dice. In the end, Strakov simply cannot hide from the scavenger who gets to him under terminal velocity and my feat to beak him to death, like so much Alfred Hitchcock.

Going 3-1 is great, but not so much when the first game is a loss. Pro-tip: feats are powerful one-time abilities used by warcasters and warlocks to turn the tide of battle.

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Post by pg.GrandPooBa on March 25th 2014, 9:20 pm

Well I guess I will start with my lists that I brought.

Vessel of Judgment
Vassal Mechanik
Vassal of Menoth
Min choir
Max Zealots + ua
Max Errants + ua
Aiyana + Holt

Kreoss 3
Vassal of menoth x2
Vassal of Mechanik
Saxon Orrik
Max Vengers
Min Choir
Max TFG + UA
Max Zealots + UA

I'm just going to Highlight my rounds.

Round 1
Kreoss 3 vs Vyross 2 (Sean)

I had to choose Kreoss here because I was to afraid to drop Harby against Ret with no drifting aoe's in my army. I accidentally kill boxed myself so I made sure not to do that again and then a 2 focus mat 10 pow 20 Phoenix was about a 1/4" short on its trample to Kreoss 3, he would of been plus 3 against me if he made it (OUCH!). I was pretty high up on attrition after taking down the Phoenix so instead of killing his caster who was in my face I just went for Scenario points and the win. Scenario win 5-2.

Round 2
Harbinger vs Madrak 1 (Andrew)

Harby is the standard drop vs trolls. Throwing Greater destined zealots out of formation kills them dead! Madrak pyre troll animus on himself to ignore harbys feat and killed an errant or two. I noticed that Madrak was pretty much in my grill with no fury and behind a wall so i decided to go for the kill on Madrak. After two botched shots 1 from my reckoner and the other from my vessel my second reckoner shot did some damage and Guided handed Nicia decided to roll triple 6's on a non charge damage roll to force Madrak to tough roll. Win Assassination.

Round 3
Harbinger vs Terminus (Jason)

Come to find out Jason has only had 1 game against Menoth and it wasn't against Harby. I was actually afraid of Terminus b/c I wasnt sure how I was going to kill him and not get the harby killed. Luckly I didn't have to do that. Through Martyrdom, tough rolls and his lack of tough rolls I was able to get pretty ahead on attrition and scenario before Terminus could even get close to Harby. Scenario Win 5-0.

Round 4 (Final)
Harbinger vs Shade 1 (Nick)

Nick describe the game in his post and just reiterate a little of what he said. He basically gave me all his troops with out any reprisal with his Battle group be on the otherside of the table. He pulled a surprise 2 point lead on scenerio from me but that left him a little to close to my Reckoner and battle engine for a 1 focus camp goreshade to survive. Assassination Win.

I just want to say that I had a VERY good time playing some VERY good games against some VERY good opponents. Thanks Sean, Andrew, Jason and NIck!

It was also good see the old crew as well sorry that I didn't get to see everyone, hopefully next time!

Thanks Jorge and Scott for running a great event and hopefully bigger Cincycon events in the future!


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Post by IImmortalized on March 26th 2014, 1:41 pm

pg.GrandPooba wrote:Guided handed Nicia decided to roll triple 6's on a non charge damage roll to force Madrak to tough roll. Win Assassination.

LOL It's the Errant Vs. Nightmare all over again.

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Post by DeadGuySaysWhat on March 26th 2014, 3:22 pm

Scrubbed out like a boss!

I brought two lists, but only wanted to play Arkadius, so yeah, one list:

-Razor Boar
-Razor Boar
-Razor Boar
-Gun Boar
-Road Hog
-War Hog
-War Hog
Min Brigands
Min Bone Grinders
Alten Ashley
Saxon Orrik

Round 1: By
Super exciting round, killed my opponent at 0 seconds, fastest caster kill...

Round 2: Lou - eDenny
This was the least interactive game I have ever played, Minions are pretty useless against Cryx with so many rules relying on living on the Gator side and a lack of ANY magic defense on the Pig side.  It took us longer to deploy and pull models out than it did to play the game...

Round 3: Michael - Terminus
Another match up of nothing to do but wait for the inevitable, made a decent go of it when I managed to get to Terminus with a loaded to go Hog, if I could have gotten a slughterhouser or another beast in there I could have done something, maybe...  Yeah no, fuck Cryx and the undead horse you rode in on.

Round 4: Jacob - eMorvhana
This pretty much saved my day as Jacob and I gave no shits, told terrible jokes, and otherwise had some fun.  It was nice to come up against an army that I could do more than move out of my deployment zone with.  Unfortunately I couldn't out grind re-spawning medium bases and annoying weapon master small bases.  I did however figure out a sneaky assassination attempt.  With every gun in my arsenal, most of which missed, and a Road Hog running 14", then Arkadius feat for some extra charging action, left her on three boxes.  Scenario win for Jacob after he laughed at me and ran away.

All in all a bad day for Pigs, but came away with some fun stories. 

Lesson learned: if I have to marathon against Cryx again I am giving my opponents a win and playing High Command...

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