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Post by milothewise on October 12th 2014, 11:01 pm

My lists, after much agonized thought and second-guessing, and virtually no table time:
Raiders +UA
Blood Witches + UA
McThralls (min)
Raider Captain
Warwitch Siren
Saxon (no Ragman)

Bane Thralls + UA
Raiders + UA
Raider Captain
Withershadow Combine

Round 1
Tony with Cygnar: pHaley and eHaley, both with one Stormwall, Trenchers, and a bunch of Storm nouns (no cav). Le Sigh - no ATGM, at least. I pick eSkarre because trying to slog through TB with no guns sounds wretched, and Perdition might get my DJ into the fight. He picks pHaley, as expected. Scenario is 12" circular zone with the two objectives that prevent you from dominating the zone.

I win the roll and go first, running up with Death Ward on the DJ. He decides to feat turn one to try and kill the Raiders. He tags a couple of Raiders with TB and the Trenchers do a million two-main CRAs, killing 6 Raiders. Everything else moves up, with the Stormwall jammed out of the zone by the trenchers.

I jam into the Trenchers with Raiders and the Storm nouns with the Blood Witches, get the DJ up too far, and feat on it, Skarre, and a couple of Raiders. I send out a Perdition at Gorman, and deal three points. Blah. Send out a second that deals one more point. $#%)(*&. He targets a Blood Witch near the DJ with a Blind bomb and gets one of the 50% of deviations that he needs. DJ spends the rest of the game being not a threat to Haley, who hangs out 9" from DJ for the rest of the game (grrrr).

Everything else grinds out very satisfactorily, but with the DJ effectively out of the game I eventually send in the Leviathan for one double-boosted attack on Haley and miss the 10 I need. eSkarre is exposed and Stormwall shoots her once to finish it.

Round 2
Elizabeth with Circle: Kromac and eKaya, both beast heavy with Druids and Skinwalkers. I take uGaspy because Hordes and she takes eKaya, surprising me a bit. Scenario is two 12" circles.

She wins the roll and goes first, ADing her beasts in tier and then moving up pretty far with the Druids and Skinwalkers on the right zone. I get Scything Touch up on the Raiders and minifeat, killing a couple Skinwalkers and damaging one more. Ashen Veil goes up on the Soul Hunters, two of whom run up to make Raider vs. Skinwalker combat hard. Bane Thralls move cautiously, respecting the heavies and stones near the other zone. Gaspy feats and gets into the thick of things camping 6 focus.

She proceeds to cast ALL the spells and force for ALL the fury - I think I had 19 souls? I ran out of tokens. I re-read the feat to her like three times during her turn, making sure she understood it. She kills some raiders, sends in some beasts to kill a few Soul Hunters and the Cankerworm...and Gaspy proceeds to eat a Gorax, 75% of a Feral, two Skinwalkers, and camps a ton of focus. Banes break the stones with a Curse from Tartarus.

Attrition is going badly, but she keeps making attacks, keeping Kaya safe, but she doesn't have the volume she needs. My third turn I dominate one zone and control the other. She ports in Kaya to roll some dice against Gaspy at dice -13 and loses on scenario.

Round 3
Richard with Circle: eMorvanna with all medium bases and eKrueger with double Woldstalkers and Druids. I take uGaspy again because Hordes (also eSkarre trying to chew through eMorv's list would have been...unpleasant). He takes eKrueger. Scenario is the two central flags.

I win the die roll and go first, running up with Veil on the Raiders and Touch on the Soul Hunters. He moves up SUPER cautiously, puts up some smoke.

Second turn, I get in there with Gaspy and feat. No stones means nothing can touch him at ARM 23 (a theme throughout the game). Raiders make a nuisance of themselves, Soul Hunters backing them up. Banes respect the Stalker opposite them and the upcoming feat, flanking to my right. Let the Soulpocalypse begin.

And begin it does. Druids and Woldstalkers do their damndest to kill the Sea Witch, with some assistance from a Pureblood and a Feral. I end up with something like 9 souls, and the Sea Witch survives for two more turns Smile. He fails to hit Gorman.

Not being able to charge in forces me to act like a good player and get in, camping almost the whole stack, ending at ARM 27 a few inches from his flag, which I clear and control for 1 point. Gorman neutralizes the Pureblood. He can't touch me so tries to clear the Raiders and Soul Hunters, and one or two Bane Thralls. Fails to kill Gorman again. Woldstalkers have begun taking casualities and in general haven't been able to contribute the way they normally do. No 6's for you!

I get the Feral, Blind the Pureblood again, and Dominate his flag for two more points. I'm not even sure what happened in what order after that - he's trying to kill as much as he can, but I've just got too much coming in. The Sea Witch (last member of the unit!) charges in to get Counter Magic Druid, and Carnage lives up to it's name. The grind continues. We end the game with a total of 20 seconds on our clocks combined, with me taking up the last minute of my turn to kill more stuff before ending and dominating his flag again for the scenario.

Round 4
Cygnar: pHaley with 2 Centurians and uStryker with light cav, heavy cav + Kate, Stormwall, Rowdy, and Storm Captain guy. Destruction. I take eSkarre because pHaley. He takes uStryker because his cav can kill all the infantry. I was skeptical, but he turned out to be correct, I think.

I was too angry with myself at the end of the round to remember all the play-by-play. I get the DJ opposite the light cav and he spends most of the game eating them, working his way into the backfield where I can get to the Stormwall or Stryker. Raiders and Blood Witches square off with the Heavy Cav, eventually getting them all.

I get the objective and control for two points, and then the Stormwall gets there. Leviathan is soaking all the shots from the Stormwall. Attrition is actually going okay. At some point, I've got Backlash on the Shadowbound Wall and like 8 points on Stryker, Rowdy is dead and so are the Cav, DJ is in position to start Perditioning through the back forest to get to the Wall and/or Stryker.

And then I try to get creative with the Leviathan and Skarre, end up exposing her, and the Stormwall gets the job done again. Eminently winnable. Shoot a mile.

Good day, good crowd, good games. Beating myself up aside, an excellent tourny.

Mark got second through shenanigans, and I would have placed 4th if I had won my last game. I'll take it. Good to play again.

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Post by Slowerlitespeed on October 13th 2014, 2:47 pm

Sounds like Nightmare would have gotten the job done for you!! Razz Razz Razz


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