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OWC Batrep - 3-1 Empty OWC Batrep - 3-1

Post by eChad on July 13th 2014, 5:49 pm

I took Convergence. Father, Axis, and Syntherion. Rumor was that there were 6 Menoth players out of the 16 that had qualified. We ended up with only 4 Menoth players.

Faction breakdown as I rememeber it:
4 Menoth
2 Cryx
2 Convergence
2 Legion
1 Trolls
1 Cygnar
1 Circle
1 Skorne (I think)
2 others that I don't remember

Round 1 - Lucant vs Stryker1 - AKA The Battle of the ARM Feats, AKA +4 ARM > +5 ARM

His other casters were pHaley and Stryker3. Scenario was destruction. His Stryker list was Lances, hammer dwarves, Boomies+ranking officer, Centurion, Eiryss1, Gorman, squire.

The new destruction rules seemed favorable to my Axis list because I could keep my objective alive almost indefinitely, so I had planned to take Axis. But for some reason, I took Lucant. I guess I had it in my head that he was the take against Cygnar.

This game was very grindy. I destroyed his objective early, and almost dominated the zone twice. But both rounds, there ended up being 1 model that I just didn't have enough attacks to get to. I also destroyed my own objective after he had failed to do so because I thought that denied him the CP. It does not, so we spent the entire game at 1-1.

I kept an eye on the clock and tried to make sure I always had more time than he did. We ended the game when he ran out.

I won, but it was still the less-correct list choice.

Round 2 - Syntherion vs Asphyxious3 - AKA I'm still confused

I know he had a pDenny list that he had already played, but I don't remember his third caster. His list contained Bane Riders, Bane thralls + UA, Tartarus, Withershadow, Deathjack, Cankerworm, Saxon, Darragh Wrathe. Scenario was the one with 2 circle zones.

This game was very confusing and surreal for me. He jammed himself up a lot. He failed a charge with Tartarus when he attempted to charge through a couple Bane Thralls. He forgot to activate Death jack one turn. Failed some random charges. And apparently he marked damage on Cankerworm that was supposed to go on Deathjack, resulting in Cankerworm dying prematurely and opening a charge lane to Gaspy for 2 of my heavies.

Round 3 - Axis vs Chuck Elswick with Testament - AKA What it looks like to lose list chicken

I should have played Axis round 1, but I didn't. So if I don't play him now, I'm locked into him for round 4. Axis is a good list, but I still worry about some matchups because I haven't played the list enough to be confident in it.

I have to move up to not killbox. He takes a potshot with the Vessel and spikes damage, doing 10, so he goes for the assassination. The Judicator fails to finish Axis at ranged, but he pops feat and charges in with Vilmon. I countercharge with an Inverter, and after his initial "oops" moment, he remembers that I don't have a magic weapon and that Vilmon is Incorporeal from the feat. This was a quick game.

Round 4 - Syntherion vs EvilLucant - AKA I didn't want to play Lucant vs Lucant

A little dancing around with threat ranges, and Syntherion controlling his Shield Wall units out of the zone lead me to have decent control.

On his feat turn, I had considered charging his Axiom. ARM 24 is a lot, but I have Synergy. My chain didn't get quite as high as I wanted, and I decided that the odds were not in my favor to one-round it, and I didn't want him to kill mine off on his turn. So I instead just stayed out of his charge range until I thought I could kill him.

After his feat turn, I built a decent Synergy chain and charged his Inverter with an Assimilator and wrecked it. Then I charged his Axiom with my Cipher. I didn't wreck it, but close. He was able to kill my Assimilator and Cipher on the following turn, but then my Axiom killed his, leaving him with only 2 Reciprocators, an insignificant number of Obstructors, and Lucant to do work.

Lucant puts Positive Charge on his Corollary and charges Axiom, but whiffs the charge attack. He said he figured camping couldn't save him now, so he spent all of his focus trying to work my Axiom down. Everything charged it that could, but he didn't get there, allowing my Axiom to finish off Lucant.

This was a long game that demonstrates that Syntherion does not mind playing against Purification all that much, as well as demonstrates why I prefer Eradicators over Reciprocators.


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