Scars of Caen - Season One - Charsaug

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Scars of Caen - Season One - Charsaug Empty Scars of Caen - Season One - Charsaug

Post by pg.ski_anderson on March 10th 2014, 11:52 am

From Wednesday, March 5th until Wednesday, March 26th, we will be running the Privateer Press 2014 League called "Scars of Caen - Charsaug".

The rules can be found on the PP website at:

The entry fee is $5.00, which goes to prize support and league kits.  I've actually got to buy another kit for the league because we've run out of patches already!  I'm placing the order for another kit today which should give us enough to cover what we need right now.

We'll be playing every Wednesday at Art of War.  You're welcome to go to the store to play league games on other nights of the week, but you're limited to reporting 3 games per week.

All experience levels are welcome.


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