Also in the new NQ...

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Also in the new NQ...

Post by milothewise on May 6th 2014, 9:24 am

Exulon Thexus
6 4 5 4 14 14 10
1 Pow 5, p+s 9 weapon
8 Focus
15 boxs
+5 warjack points

Mercenary - This model will work for Cryx
Selective - This model can include only mercenary contract armies that list cephalyx as possible members

Aggressive Reaction - While one or more enemy models are in this models command range, models in this model's battlegroup can run or charge without spending focus
Sac Pawn [Monstrosity]
Spell Driver - When this model casts a spell, it can channel the spell through another model in its battlegroup that is in its control area. Once a spell is cast this way, the model it was channeled through suffers d3+1 damage points

Hex Blast
Psycho Surgery

Feat: Telekinetic Tide
Push each enemy non-warlock, non-warcaster model currently in Thexus' control area 2" in any direction

Cephalyx Agitator
6 6 6 4 14 13 9
1x pow 5 p+s 11
5 boxes
FA 3
Anatomical Precision
Magic ability 7
-Instigage(star action) while within 5" of this model, friendly drudge and monstrosity models gain + 2 on attack and damage rolls. Instigate last for one turn
-Psychic Assault(star attack) sp 8 pow 12 that ignores los
Sac Pawn[Monstrosity]

5 10 5 4 10 17 -
2x pow 8 p+s 17
Eyeless sight
beat back
Chain attack: Blood bath
Chain Weapon

5 10 5 4 10 17 -
Net Laucher rng 6, rof 1, aoe 3
- Catch: if this weapon directly hits an enemy model with an equal or smaller base, immediatly after the attack is resolved the model directly hit can be pushed any distance to directly toward this model. After the model directly hit is moved, this model can make one normal melee attack against it. After resolving this melee attack, this model can make additional melee attacks during its combat action.
- Quake
pow 6 p+s 16

5 10 5 4 10 17 -
pow 4 p+s 14
pow 4 p+s 14
pow 4 p+s 14
Grand Slam
Follow up
Shield Guard
Buckler +1
hard Head
2 open fists

Cephalyx Minde Bender and Drudges
bender + 5 drudges 4p
bender + 9 drudges 6p

Mind Bender
5 6 6 4 14 13 9
pow 2 p+s 8
5 boxes
Magic Ability 6
-Adrenal Flood(star action) Rng 6 target drudge grund gains +4 mat and str and can immediatly advance 4"
-Concussion pulse(star action) center a 4" aoe on this model or a grunt the spell is channeled through. Other models in the Aoe suffer a pow 12 magical dmg roll
-Psychic Assault
Psychic Projection: This model can channel through grunts in this unit that are in formation. When it does, you can choose up to two more of those grunds and cast the spell once through each, even if the channeler is engaged. Grunts in this unit that channgel a spell this way are then removed from play
sac pawn[drudge grunt]

Drudge grunt
5 8 5 2 11 15 4
pow 4 p+s 12
eyeless sight

Cephalyx Dominator
6 6 6 4 14 13 9
5 boxes
Mercenary Attachment-can be added to a small or medium based noncephalyx merc unit
anatomical Precision
Granted: Fearless
Granted: Tough
Linchpin - When this model is destroyed or removed from play, all other models in this unit lose fearless for one round and immediately flee
ranking officer
sac pawn[models in this unit]

Puppet Masters
An army constructed under the Unwilling and Able contract can include mercenary cephalyx models/units. Additionally, the army can include up to one non-cephalyx mercenary unit if that unit includes a cephalyx dominator UA.
Increase the Fa of cephalyx mind slaver and drudges by +1
Increase the Fa of cephalyx Overlord units by +1

Special rules:
Units that include cephalyx dominator UAs gain AD
The army can also include bloat thrall, machine wraths, and pistol wrath solos. These solos are considered to be friendly mercenary models instead of cryx models

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Re: Also in the new NQ...

Post by eChad on May 6th 2014, 10:18 am

Agitator is badass.  Wrecker is very respectable.

The Subduer is literally a knockdown, drag-out fighter.

The Mindbender at first was meh, but the extra channels means you can surgically place up to 3 POW12 AOE4s, given the restrictions on channeling in melee.

The UA has an interesting, and terrifying, drawback.

The contract is definitely interesting.

Also, AD Forgeguard!


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Re: Also in the new NQ...

Post by milothewise on May 6th 2014, 1:53 pm

Agree with interesting. The contract is REALLY restrictive, obviously, but it does something very new for mercs.

I'm not ever going to invest, because holy shit, but competitive mercs just got a whole lot more difficult to plan for.

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Re: Also in the new NQ...

Post by Servo on May 7th 2014, 1:18 pm

Access to those Cryx solos is nice, especially the pistol wraith. These guys look pretty neat. Will be fun to play against them once Shane sells his ret.

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Re: Also in the new NQ...

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