"8 man tournament" at AoW last Sunday

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"8 man tournament" at AoW last Sunday

Post by Servo on April 28th 2014, 2:20 pm

This was supposed to be an 8 person event, but we only ended up with seven. Sad face.

I brought the following lists

Wraith Engine
Max Banke Knights
Max McThralls
Min bile thralls
Darragh Wrathe
Pistol wraith
Machine wraith

Mortenebra (Tier 4)
Harrower X 2
Warwitch siren X 2

Round 1 (Jorge with pKreoss and Harbinger)
All I wanted to do at this entire tournament was play Mortenebra, with the caveat that I wouldn't drop her against unreliable overrun triggers (e.g., tough, martyrdom, self-sac) or non-living. Turns out, I play Terminus all goddamn day.

Jorge's a great guy who doesn't get to play this game as much as he should, so he makes a big mistake on the bottom of one. Kreoss charges his own jack to get distance to feat. Catches Terminus and a few grunts. First shot from the Redeemer gets passed off, and Jorge remembers sac pawn. The rest of the game is nothing but me making at least 80% of my tough rolls and having McThralls and Banke Knights kill Daughters without any assistance. I apologized for almost every dice roll I made. Terminus eventually puts Kreoss into his soul cage.

Round 2 (Chad with pGrim and some form of Grissel)
Grim is a good take against a melee army, and we end up crashing in the middle of the board. Pistol wraith scores on the outer incursion flag before it is contested for the rest of the game. Biles get a couple good purges into the Fenns and Terminus ends up at armor 29 or 30. Chad spends some time considering ripping into me with a Mauler and Earthborn, but the dice are...dicey. He ends up throwing Terminus ten or eleven inches away and controlling the center flag. Once Terminus gets back up, the attrition battle really goes my way and Grim can't get far enough away to not be put into a soul cage. This was the best game I had all day, and Chad was a great opponent. I thought about ending that last sentence with ", as usual", but, it's Chad, so you never know when he'll play 12 points up.

Final Round (Brian with eDenny and pSkarre)
I'm hoping he'll take Skarre because his feat doesn't matter much and I will win the attrition fight, but Brian makes the right call and plays Denny. I go first and make sure I spread out and toe into the zones. He charges up and feats, catching seventy-some percent of my army, and runs Nightmare into position to charge Terminus. I run what I can to gum up his works, but it's not much. Then Brian loses. I'll let him explain what went wrong on his second turn, but before he finished it, he extended his hand and that was that.

Considering I didn't get to run the caster I am currently most excited about, I had a great time. Terminus is no fun to play against and isn't always that fun to play as your caster. That said, he's reliable and able to punish mistakes made by your opponents. Thanks to Scott for running the event!

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Re: "8 man tournament" at AoW last Sunday

Post by eChad on April 28th 2014, 3:04 pm

it's Chad, so you never know when he'll play 12 points up.

lol fuck you! I played 6 points up once and was honest about it!

That was a great game though. That throw was epic Smile If only I had not forgotten to spend Grim's Fury that turn, there would have been a lot more game to be had in that round!


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Re: "8 man tournament" at AoW last Sunday

Post by DanS on April 28th 2014, 4:37 pm

eDenny charges Terminus but fails to break ARM for the Teleport?

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Re: "8 man tournament" at AoW last Sunday

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