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Reznick2 and Friends Empty Reznick2 and Friends

Post by Crawling Chaos on April 22nd 2014, 2:10 pm

After reading up on the new Chariot Reznik, I really want to play him. But, I will potentially need 2 other friends to pair him with.

•Fire of Salvation
2x Daughters
Errants + UA + Solo
Max Flamebringers
Max Forgeguard

Max Errants + UA + Solo
Max Bastions + UA + 2x Solo
Rhovan and Co.

•2x Reckoner
Min choir
Max Errants + UA
Max Vengers

I will say that I'm not overly fond of the jack load outs. All of them seem to want an arc node. The Harbinger list seems very defensible, but I'm just not seeing enough offense. I just don't know what to add to give it a little punch.
Crawling Chaos
Crawling Chaos

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Reznick2 and Friends Empty Re: Reznick2 and Friends

Post by Celebros on April 22nd 2014, 2:21 pm

I'm not a big fan of Errants with Reznik2. No defensive buffs leave them at 12/16 and due to timing issues, it is impossible to proc Quick Work under Reznik2's Feat.

On a related note, it is similarly impossible to proc Quick Work or Sprint with Nicia under Reznik2's Feat.

The rest of the list looks solid (I like Daughters and Forge Guard with him quite a bit), though I'd probably swap a few things around to get Devout/Avatar in the list instead of Fire of Salvation. He really wants that extra focus/Shield Guard/Spell Barrier.

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