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Post by pg.Affliction on March 5th 2014, 5:24 pm

Hello, glad you joined us.

Below are a few simple observations and rules to make it pleasant for all of us to enjoy our time here.

This is an adult forum, there will most certainly be cursing, off color topics, or just plain stupidity. If any of these offend you in any way please feel free to go back to the big boards where you can be coddled by the boys in red.  

This forum will be be moderated by myself and the rest of the local Press Gang. I am pretty tolerant of most things, but if you act like a idiot you will be treated like one and then banned. I will give you one warning first. <---this is your warning btw.

Please do not make racial slurs, unless they are towards Trollbloods. We will also not tolerate religious/political discussions unless it is to start a local support group called "Toruk, why won't you love me?" or about the occupation of Llael, and why Khador takes advantage of the less fortunate.

Act civil, be nice, play well with others, and most of all don't be an asshat.


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